CC Real supports the interactive art project 4 ACES

4 ACES is an interactive public art project combining state-of-the art technology and the public space.

4 ACESIn the unique setting of the Vienna Hofburg a modern, virtual scavenger hunter takes place, involving artistic installations in courtyards and along pathways. The game is controlled by an app specially developed by Ars Electronica Solutions that can be downloaded to smartphones. The app guides users through the area of the Hofburg, to the four 4 aces and a surprise spot. The game starts from the square outside the Albertina Museum. The stations of the game are five installations and various objects of interest on the historical site. The installations hold a secret and thus arouse attention; the doors can only be opened in the course of the game if the players answer the set questions correctly. The places are chosen deliberately to create a link to the partners of the art project: the Albertina, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Spanish Riding School, the Imperial Treasury and the Burghauptmannschaft. Each station gives a hint to the next one, until all secrets are unveiled. As the chase unfolds on its way through the Hofburg, more stations are reached in places of interest where more tricky questions have to answered.

4 ACES is a joint project by the Burghauptmannschaft, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Spanish Riding School, the Imperial Treasury, Ars Electronica Solutions, the Museum Albertina and the Fokus Media House; overall coordination lies with CC Real.


"Time is a game played beautifully by children." (Heraclitus)

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