Millennium City / Millennium Tower

The building complex, consisting of Millenium City and Millenium Tower, was the first town-in-town concept developed in Austria in 1999 and was designed by the well-known architects Boris Podrecca, Gustav Peichl and Rudolf F. Weber. The complex consists of apartments, offices and a shopping- and entertainmentcenter.  

About the MIllennium City
Vienna’s state-of-the-art shopping- and entertainmentcenter is located directly at the waterfront and offers over a hundred different stores including Austrian and international brands. The „UCI“ Cinema, Austria’s biggest and most successful movie theater, together with Austria’s biggest indoor family entertainment park attracts numerous customers.

About the Millennium Tower
The Millenium Tower is seen as one of Vienna’s most important landmarks, being one of the highest buildings in Austria with 202 meters and essential for the cityscape. International such as national corporations strive for business at the millenium tower, as it’s a good possibility to form important alliances. Due it’s visionary construction, impressive ecological and economical factors the Millenium Tower has been awarded the DGNB certificate in silver by the ÖGNI and promises best efficiancy and competitive abilities.
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