CARE is one of the largest independent aid organization in the world dedicated to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice and CC Real is a company aware of its social responsibility and a partner of CARE organisation since 2017.

This year marks 75 anniversary of CARE and CC Real is proud to be able to continue to support their efforts as a platinum partner.

“We want to bring positive and lasting changes that are exceeding our actual business,” said Fabian Kaufmann, CC Real CEO. “Supporting a good organization is a basic obligation of every company. And CARE Austria is the aid organization that has our complete trust. CC Real is a reliable, strong companion and on our side as a platinum partner on our 75th anniversary. Thank you for trusting us and our projects”,

– said Andrea Barschdorf-Hager, Managing Director of CARE Austria.

CARE was founded in 1945, when 22 American organizations came together to rush lifesaving CARE Packages to survivors of World War II. CARE International consists of 14 independent national member organizations and one of them is CARE Austria founded in 1986. Only in 2018, CARE emergency aid and development projects included 95 countries, and more than 56 million people worldwide benefited from CARE.

CC Real is happy to accompany the 75th anniversary of CARE and to help their noble goals.