HQ7 Studios is a newly established film studio operator based in Vienna, the most liveable city in the world.


  • With the end of the Rosenhügel studios, the industry is "homeless" in terms of studio productions in Austria.  
  • Professional infrastructure for international productions coming to Austria.
  • Lack of around 500 stages worldwide in 2023.
  • As alternative quarters, vacant industrial and storage halls in the Vienna area are temporarily converted into "studios". 
  • There are small, maximum 500 m² studios in Vienna and the surrounding area. These are mainly used by small advertising, photo and television productions.


  • Brand new industry standard stages in the heart of Europe ready for utilization from Q1/2024.
  • The new 30% plus 5% green filming incentive, combined with an unbureaucratic and quick permitting makes Austria the most economical and efficient place to film in central Europe. 
  • Two fully soundproofed stages: Stage 1: ~ 2.000 m2 , full grid (72x28 m) Stage 2: ~ 1.000 m2 , full grid (35x28 m).
  • Additional 2.000 m² of ancillary office and workshop space.